Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Halifax Pride Parade: July 24, 2010

If the Dykes vs. Divas softball game can be considered the kick-off to the Halifax Pride Week, the Pride Parade would represent the beginning of the close to the Week. Unlike the softball match though, or some of the more famous versions in San Francisco, Toronto or Vancouver, etc., the Halifax Pride Parade truly can be considered "family friendly." Well, at least as "family friendly" as you can get while attempting to celebrate/recognize a group of people who are more or less unable or unwilling to form a traditional nuclear family...

The irony of the Halifax Pride Parade, is that the vast majority of the floats/entries had nothing to do with the theme of the parade, and were more or less just used as advertising opportunities for local banks, businesses, etc. However, as I overheard one local citizen proclaim after the last float had past, "biggest (Pride Parade) I've seen in Halifax ever."

(I didn't know Darth Vader was gay.)

(This little Cadet handing out fliers for the upcoming Air Show was just too cute not to get included in the blog.)

(I'm not sure what this is though...)

(Or why there was an "elephant" there.)

(I also don't remember there being a fire fighter in the Village People.)

(These annoying French girls were just plain annoying, even before they ran out and held up the whole parade. I was really annoyed. Did I mention they were annoying?)

(These pole dancers though, were just downright impressive.)

("Here come the Divas!")

(No matter what your opinion of gay pride parades, I'm pretty sure we're all in agreement that this picture of this "guy" was something nobody wanted to see.)

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