Friday, January 7, 2011

HRM Point of Interest #20: Garden Crest Apartments

When it opened in 1914, the Garden Crest - located across the street from the Public Gardens - was Halifax's first ever luxury apartment house. Its "spacious suites" with parlour room, pantry, kitchen, dining room, etc., were all deliciously described in a local newspaper of the time. Special attention was paid in the article to the ingenious system of "speaking tubes" for callers to communicate with occupants, as well as to its innovative fire-resistant asbestos plaster board. The apartment building was partially destroyed then rebuilt in 2002, with the architects attempting to stay as loyal as possible to the original design.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HRM Monument #31: WWII Lost Ships

Perhaps the newest monument in Halifax, this large stone slab located at the start of the Halifax Waterfront board walk was dedicated in 2010 by the Atlantic Chief and Petty Officers Association to, "commemorate the ships and men of the Royal Canadian Navy who failed to return through enemy action, stress of weather and accidents during the Battle of the Atlantic and to remind future generations of the price of victory."

On the backside of the monument is a list of all the names of the Canadian ships lost from 1939-1945.

(Notice EP Dan to the right of the monument. For the trivia buffs out there, this is the earliest taken photo on EPTN that includes him.)