EP Goals

1. Live in every province and territory in Canada. 


A) Alberta
B) British Columbia
C) Manitoba
D) New Brunswick
E) Newfoundland
F) Northwest Territories
G) Nova Scotia
H) Nunavut
I) Ontario
J) Prince Edward Island
L) Saskatchewan

2. Visit Every National Historic Site in Canada.


Nova Scotia National Historic Sites Visited -

  • Halifax:
  1. Public Gardens
  2. Halifax City Hall
  3. Africville
  4. The Citadel
  5. CSS Acadia
  6. Halifax Armoury
  7. Halifax Courthouse
  8. HMCS Sackville
  9. York Redoubt
  10. Henry House
  11. Fernwood
  12. Old Burying Ground
  13. Duc D'Anville Encampment
  14. Akins House

3. Visit Every National Park in Canada


Nova Scotia National Parks:

A) Kejimkujik National Park
B) Kejimkujik National Park Seaside Adjunct
C) Cape Breton Highlands National Park