1.  What's an "ea-pea"?

Answer:  In my Once, Twice, Three Times a Canadian blog, I met a traveller in Toronto, from France, who described the people in the Kensington Market area of Toronto as "ea-peas".  After holding his fingers in a "peace sign" and saying "I love you man," I figured out that he meant they were "hippies".  Therefore, "ea-pea" means hippie.

2.  Why are you called Ea-pea Dave?

Answer:  Again, while on my trip across Canada, I stayed in a hostel in Winnipeg that had its own pub that only cooked vegetarian meals.  I joked in a later post, that eating at this pub caused me to catch "the hippie" - a reference to the rampant homophobia and ignorance surrounding HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.  Since my name is Dave, and I've recently taken an interest in living an environmentally sustainable/friendly lifestyle, I adopted the nickname "Ea-pea Dave" (see FAQ #1).

3.  Who takes the pictures for your blog?

Answer:  I do.  Yes, all of them, unless otherwise noted.

4.  How do you get to all of the festivals, points of interest, and monuments?

Answer:  I walk, ride my bicycle, take a bus, or car pool in a friend's or a rented car.  I do not own a car, and do not plan to own a car, as I wish to prove it to be unnecessary for living a fulfilling life.