About The Blog

Inspired by the level of appreciation for and connection with the Korean people I gained from having lived in South Korea for half of last year (see my Korean Cop blog), and by one of my uncles whom I recently found out has lived in Nunavut, I decided that after having already travelled across Canada three times (see my Once, Twice, Three Times a Canadian blog) I needed to up the ante if I truly wanted to understand what it means to be a Canadian.  My solution was to embark on my most daunting project to date:  live and work in every province and territory in Canada.

Considering that I have lived nearly all of my life in Alberta, and that going next door to either Saskatchewan or British Columbia wouldn't exactly push me out of my comfort zone, I decided to move to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It was about as far away as I could possibly get from my then home of Grande Prairie, Alberta, and I had been there in high school for a music trip, so I thought at least I would have some sense of familiarity with the area.

Over the next three years I will attempt to visit every festival, National and Provincial Park, National Historic Site, and general point of interest in Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia that I can, whilst continuing with my "ea-pea" ways by finding greener, more environmentally friendly ways of living.  When I'm done, I hope to have one of the most complete first-hand travel/reference guides to Halifax and Nova Scotia ever created.

Wish me luck, and keep checking in to see what I discover next.


David "Ea-pea" Murray