Friday, October 8, 2010

Life Of An Ea-Pea, Episode 4: Bottles and Cans and Toilet Paper

The above picture is of the world's fastest bottle sorter working through my first ever load of bottles, my brother EP Dan and I returned to a nearby bottle depot way back in early September. More importantly than how fast this employee separated my beverage containers though, and even more important than the $14.40 we received for them, was that I didn't pay for a single one of them.

Since I moved into my apartment way back in June, I started thinking that money may not be coming as quickly as I thought it would, and so I might need to literally save up my pennies - in the form of cans and bottles - for some extra purchases at a later date. Every time I walked or cycled or did anything around Halifax, I made an effort to search every gutter, every bush, and the bottom of every garbage can I passed by to see if there were any bottles or cans left lying around. By the end of September, my brother EP Dan, and I, had collected enough bottles to amass a small sour cream container full of nearly $38 in bottle refunds.

Last week we raided our bank, and with the loot purchased a few necessary items for our apartment. Number one on that list of things to buy: toilet paper. The purchase was a sort of fitting in a way, since it was made by cleaning up people's litter, and people who litter deserve to be wiped with a dirty bum.

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