Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iranian Freedom Demonstration: February 14, 2011

I don't pretend to be an expert on Iranian affairs, but I know from what I've heard on the news, and what I've heard from my Iranian friends, that the situation is not good there. Essentially the people want their freedom, but the government would rather kill its people than provide them with happiness (that may be an oversimplification of matters).

While walking down town on Valentine's Day, I came across this demonstration set up at the entrance to the Public Gardens (obviously). I asked a one of the demonstrators what was going on and she more or less relayed to me the information I explained in the first paragraph.

I asked her how I could help and she begged me to let people know that the Iranians are not bad people, and that they want freedom just like we enjoy here in Canada. She was so emotional about the plight of her country's people that she started crying on the street. I consoled her by telling her I would do my best to spread the word.

Please do my sad friend a favour and at the very least research about what is going on in Iran, so that perhaps you will be moved on some level to do what you can also to help spread awareness of the plight of the Iranian people. Thank you.

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