Friday, April 22, 2011

HRM Monument #32: Norwegian Soldiers Monument

This sharp looking monument was erected in memory of the Norwegian sailors and soldiers who gave their life in WWII, and who were buried in Nova Scotia or who were lost at sea around Nova Scotia. It has a few practical uses as well, especially when I need to check my hair in my reflection, or when I have to get a few inches higher to take a nice picture of Sackville Landing (the open area in which the monument is located) or the Harbour, both of which you can see in the reflection in the monument.

It's been nearly a year since I originally stepped off the train and dropped my bags off here - in Halifax - during my cross Canada adventure. Although I became a little busy this winter collecting more funds with which to go exploring in the upcoming months, looking at this photo I took last summer I was reminded again about just how strongly Halifax's sometimes sad, but always important history has been largely effected and shaped by war.

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