Thursday, May 19, 2011

EP Dan's Last Day, Part 2 - Lunch At Westcliff Diner

When I first moved into my new apartment, I remember quite distinctly the person who dropped me off saying that this restaurant made the best club sandwich in Halifax. This was back in June, 2010. Since that time I can remember two other people on two other occasions recommending the club sandwich or the fish and chips here as well.

I had always kept promising myself that when I had an occasion to go dining with someone I would come here. After Dan and I finished painting our pottery at Clay Cafe, we walked about twenty minutes to get back here (we actually passed it on our way to Clay Cafe the first time). This was my chance to scratch another "to do" item off of my list.

We both ordered the club sandwich with fries, and I must say it was every bit as good as its fans had suggested. For desert I ordered what has to be the best chocolate milk shake ever made, and the most delicious hand-made maple fudge.

The food was incredible, but it was the atmosphere that will have me coming back. It's a family run business, with an older couple who bicker back and forth behind the counter, make the food, serve the food themselves, and get themselves into some of the most hilarious conversations with the regular customers.

When we were there, one conversation focused on how the wife wouldn't be coming into work the next day, because she just had to watch the Royal Wedding, but not the part before or after, just the wedding, but not the part before or after, just the wedding, but not... It was too funny, and they were easily the most stereotypically "East Coast" couple I've had the pleasure of meeting.

The charm of this diner is the food and the character and the cheap price. If you're ever in Halifax, it is not to be missed.

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  1. I'm glad to hear the Westcliff lived up to its reputation again. The food and the atmosphere there are what makes the dining experience so nice. The prices are ridiculously low and when I tried to leave a big tip, she wouldn't let me. Also glad to hear I'm not the only person that loves the old-fashioned shakes they make.