Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HRM Point of Interest #25: Royal Artillery Park

Located just across the street from The Citadel fortress, Royal Artillery Park was acquired in 1799 to provide soldiers quarters, stores, officers' accommodations and a headquarters for the Royal Artillery personnel stationed in Halifax. As an interesting factoid for Haligonians: the old location was across the street from the Grand Parade where the World Trade and Convention Centre is now.

In 1812 work began on the Officers' Mess. Rather, it would have begun, but the War of 1812 got in the way, and so work wasn't completed until 1816. At 196 years old though, it is officially the oldest Officers' Mess in Canada.

My favourite part of the park is being able to walk around and look at the well preserved pieces of artillery from wars past.

(Breech-loaded Howitzer used in the Boer War of 1895. This gun was actually still in use even up to 1917.)

(WWII Gun used in desert battles in Africa in 1941.)

(Armour piercing howitzer gun used from 1940-1952.)

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