Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HRM Monument #33 - Wolf on the Rocks

Located in the middle of the cobblestone pedestrian street, Granville, in front of Gallery Page and Strange, this lone wolf was designed and produced by Ontario College of Art graduate, John McEwen.

Especially known for his use of naturalistic objects flame cut from massive slabs of metal, McEwen has produced art out of his blacksmith shop since before the '80s, and has exhibited his works across Canada as well as in Australia, Germany, and England. In 2007 he was honoured with a Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge.

This particular sculpture is more than meets the eye. The two rock cliffs on which the wolf is walking (buried in the snow) are actually pieces of marble from Cape Breton Island.

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  1. In a situation such as a high-speed longer distance application, not only would the rubber be unneeded, (concrete absorbs sound which, in freeway median flame cut profiles applications, wouldn’t be and issue anyway) but most of the steel itself could be dispensed with, as well.