Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interesting Person #1: Chris Waldron

Chris Waldron a local cyclist who is training for a 430 km Coast to Coast mountain bike race through the tropical rain forests and over 11 000 metres worth of volcanic mountains in Costa Rica this November. On this day I saw him training outside the South Park Street YMCA where I go swimming, and where Chris used to hang out every Saturday morning as a child.

Over he course of several 8 hour stationary training sessions like this one, Chris hopes to help raise the $10 000 he pledged to donate towards YMCA's Strong Kids program. I gave him $2 because I was trying to stretch my budget as far as it would go at the moment, but the next time I see him I hope to be able to donate more.

As well as being incredibly fit, Chris Waldron is also an all-around nice guy, and he was gracious enough to chat with me for several minutes even during the final minutes of his gruelling 8 hour training session on this day.

To read more about Chris Waldron, his cause, or to donate, visit his website here.

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