Monday, July 26, 2010

7th Annual Dykes vs. Divas Softball "Game": July 18, 2010

The Halifax Pride Week, from July 18-25, the third-largest gay pride event in Canada, can't officially be considered "under way", until the annual softball match between the Dykes and the Divas has been played. The Dykes team consists of, well... dykes, while the Divas team is an eclectic group of cross-dressing males.

(Yes, that is correct, the short stop for the Divas is sitting in a lawn chair at the second base "make-up station".)

The game drew a large crowd this year to the Halifax Commons - surprisingly large, with people lined up three or four deep around the entire fence, all the way to the outfield - and the play by play announcers were downright hilarious, if not a bit crude.

(Divas in the Outfield. Some of them even brought gloves this year - "a new look" according to the announcer.)

(Dykes score two to take an early first-inning lead.)

To be honest, I couldn't be bothered to watch even one full inning of this painful display of bad softball. The point of the match though, was to gain attention and raise money for charity. In that regard it was a huge success, although I wasn't the only person there who questioned its being labeled a "family event".

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