Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HRM Point of Interest #7: Camp Hill Cemetery

Camp Hill Cemetery is a burial ground in the heart of Halifax that was established in 1844. It was built to replace the old cemetery known as the Old Burying Ground, which still exists, that had been established nearly a century earlier in 1747. According to one long-time Haligonian I interviewed, Camp Hill Cemetery is purportedly one of the finest examples of a Victorian era cemetery in Canada.

Camp Hill Cemetery contains the graves of more than thirteen prominent historical figures, including Abraham Pineo Gesner - the inventor of kerosene - and John Taylor Wood - a Civil War Confederate Naval Officer and grandson of the nephew of Confederate President Jefferson Davis - as well as many others.

(The final resting place of Joseph Howe, widely considered to be the greatest Nova Scotian who ever lived. Howe was a champion of free press, responsible for Nova Scotia becoming the first British colony to secure responsible government, and Canada's first ever federal separatist.)

(Memorial to Alexander Keith - former mayor of Halifax, former president of the North British Society and founder of Alexander Keith's brewing company.)

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