Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interesting Person #4: Logan MacGillivray

When Logan MacGillivray saw pictures from a Centre for Development and Peace Education (cdpeace) presentation on the poverty stricken school children in the war-ravaged nation of Sierra Leone in 2008, he wasn't just moved, he was moved to action.

At that time Logan was just 10 years old, but that didn't stop him from spearheading a project to collect donations for and send a 40-foot shipping container full of school supplies and sporting goods to a small rural community in that impoverished West African nation. It also didn't stop him from spearheading a second project to send another 40-foot shipping container immediately afterwards.

To help raise funds for his projects, Logan used his award-winning film making skills (click here to watch the video) to make a short documentary about the endeavour, which was featured in the 2008 Atlantic Film Festival. He published the documentary in DVD format, sales of which have since helped raise over $32 000 for Logan's charity, Listen To The Children. This is in addition to the approximately $57 000 worth of donated goods he sent away in the two containers.

At present, the 12 year old winner of the Make A Difference Award, the Boston Celtic's Hero Among US Award, the YMCA Peace Medal, the Premier of Nova Scotia's Power of Change Award, the Canadian Living Magazine's Me to We Award, and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission's Human Rights Award, is working on his next major project: a community education centre in Sierra Leone replete with computers, sports equipment and paid teachers.

Please visit Logan's website to send your encouragement or to help out.

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