Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HRM Interesting Person #8: Art Moore

Art Moore is a high school English teacher in Moncton, New Brunswick. I met him in Halifax at the Atlantic Fringe Festival, where he was a performer. Art Moore is interesting because of one fantastic story he has.

The students in one of his classes decided to support a number of nearby University students from Haiti, who were waiting for word from relatives caught in the horrible earthquake there, by sending a large card on which they had all collaborated. When Art Moore went to the University to deliver the card, he was approached by a professor who was interested in leading a team to Haiti to help volunteer with the relief effort. The team needed someone with prior military experience to act as security, and that's where Mr. Moore comes in. As a former soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces, he accompanied the team and help starving, homeless Haitians over in Haiti.

I met Mr. Moore briefly, about a week apart. He was in a rush the first time I met him, because he had to head back to Moncton to teach school the next day. When he saw me again the next time though, he still remembered my name. Art Moore is an every day hero.

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