Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Halifax Picture #11

Nova Scotians are bracing themselves for hurricane Earl, which is set to touch ground in the province some time tomorrow. I was told that the last time a hurricane hit Halifax the power and water were out for a week. The newspapers said this week the power/water might be out for 72 hours, and since Nova Scotia is in the midst of a stifling heat wave I prepared the above collection of 29 Litres of water (plus a few water bottles pushing the total over 30 Litres) just in case.

The best part is I did not buy a single one of these bottles; they were all found on the street or in garbage cans. I then took them home and washed them out several times with soap and water, and then refilled them. This means that I reduced waste, reused the bottles, and after the hurricane I will recycle them. I have used all three Rs at the same time with this move; I rule!

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