Thursday, September 9, 2010

Special Announcement: 1000th View

Recently Google decided to add an incredibly thorough "Stats" feature to its Blogger engine. I am now able to view how many people have visited my blog in the past day, week, month, all time, etc. I'm also able to see from which country my viewers come and which websites they used to find my blog.

Until this feature was added my only source for readership was my Google AdSense information. Unfortunately it was a month before I thought to add this and so my "hit counter" was way off. My new, more up to date and accurate numbers, have Terra Nova's views at 1099. More impressively is the range of countries in which those views occurred.

Of course, the vast majority of my views came from Canada - 963 to be exact - but according to the latest information there have also been 88 views from the United States, 24 from South Korea, 6 from China, and even a couple of views from the United Arab Emirates (among many other nations).

I feel that it's a remarkable achievement to have obtained such a diverse "following" and I'd like to thank all of my readers, and especially the most loyal of you, for helping to motivate me to continue to pursue my goals, even when times can be discouraging, by your unwavering support of my blogs. Here's to more great adventures!

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