Thursday, September 30, 2010

HRM Monument #27: Boer War Soldier

The Boer War in South Africa (from 1888 - 1902) marked the first time in Canada's history that it sent companies of volunteer troops to fight in a foreign war. From what I have read, it appears as though Canada sent two contingents to fight in South Africa - the first consisting of Nova Scotia's own H Company and numerous men from the 63rd Halifax Rifles and the Princess Louise Fusiliers. Later, the people of Halifax bid farewell with a huge reception at the Armouries for 1 32o more field artillery and cavalry men.

In honour of those brave volunteers who helped stabilize that region of the world, along with playing a significant role in announcing Canada's newly formed nationhood, the citizens of Halifax erected this monument next to Province House (Nova Scotia's parliament building) on October 19, 1901. The stone at the base of the monument was actually dedicated and laid by the Duke of Cornwallis and York during his Royal Visit to Halifax.

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