Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life Of An Ea-Pea, Episode 3: Leave No Waste

Regular readers may have noticed that I did not make my usual daily post on August 31st. I apologize, but I was rather busy moving apartments and was too busy/tired to make an entry.

Speaking of moving, this change in apartment was brought about because my brother, EP Dan, came to Halifax for university. For convenience, we decided to move in together and so I had booked a two bedroom, even before I moved in to my original one bedroom apartment, in the same building.

I moved in to my first apartment on June 15th and moved out on August 31st. That makes two and a half months living on my own, and with the recent move I decided to finally take out my trash.

There I am in the above picture taken today, making my first ever trip to the garbage bins outside my home since moving to Halifax, looking like I just came out of the army (I swear it's just the sunlight reflecting off my face). More importantly though, I'd like everyone to do their best to zoom in on the bag and see what I'm carrying.

That's right, after two and a half months all I produced for rubbish was able to fit into one regular-sized Superstore shopping bag. Everything else I used I either reduced (e.g., specifically buying products that use less packaging or buying a product second hand that contain no packaging), recycled (e.g., recycled), or reused (e.g., using plastic produce bags from the supermarket to store organic wastes in an old 2 Litre ice cream bucket I received from someone else until I am ready to send the contents to a compost heap).

Be a good person and a good citizen - follow the 3Rs. Don't pretend that you're too old or too busy; everyone knows that's just not true.

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